A Little Corner of Bliss in Thrapston

I met Sam from Bliss in a quite convaluted manner, a story which shows the true power of social media.  But I’ll tell you the story in a moment.

Firstly let me show you my 2nd set of Shellac Nails….

The first set was done two weeks ago, in a deeper purple, and lasted TWO WEEKS!  I am a self admitted disaster with my nails, I break them easily and a manicure, well I have been known to smudge one of those on my way from the salon to the car (I am a clutz!)

So when I discovered Shellac ‘everlasting manicure’ I knew it was for me.  It’s EVERlasting obviously as your nails grow, but it lasts well, it does not chip or rub off, it merely grows out and by two weeks it begins to look a bit ropey and you’re in need of another – but by then you want to change to a fab new colour anyway!

Sam who owns Bliss in Thrapston does my Shellac Nails (today I let her loose with tweezers on my eyebrows too, how decadent I thought letting someone else tweeze your brows, I feel like a WAG!)

The story of how I found my new favourite beauty salon, is a whirl of social media chat….  a friend from Lancashire had her nails done in readiness for Toy Fair, and added a comment to Facebook, saying how Shellac Nails were good for boaters as they are so hard wearing.  I read this and thought how much I’d enjoyed the everlasting manicure experience when I used to frequent Milton Keynes (but now I live further away and it’s over an hours drive there, another hour in the salon and another getting home, I can’t afford the time every fortnight!).

I kept thinking about the manicure and wishing I lived near someone who did it, so I tweeted “does anyone know a Shellac Manicurist in Thrapston”  my pal Lucinda @ljbarton tweeted “have you tried Bliss Beauty?”  I have to admit, I thought Lucinda lives down south somewhere and she’d not read the Thrapston bit in my tweet!  So I’d gone back with “Nooo in Thrapston!!”  she said “errr yes in Thrapston!!”

I googled, I found Sam at Bliss, so via a friend up north and one down south, coupled with Facebook and Twitter, I had my nails done for Toy Fair.  There had been so many tweets about it, quite a few people came on to the stand at the show to see my nails!!


Samantha Smith

2 Steel Close


NN14 4LW

Telephone:             07814 429273      

Email: info@bliss-beautytherapy.co.uk



My nails were £20 and takes about an hour and my eyebrows were just £4 for a tidy up.


One thought on “A Little Corner of Bliss in Thrapston

  1. Love it love it!! Not going to see them in real life but they look really good. There is nothing like having your nails done; I love this method its great for a clutz like me too! If you are feeling daring then the Minx nails are fab – I had union Jack ones for a Support our Forces Past and Present charity meeting before Christmas. I will see if I can find the pic!!

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