The Bengal Brasserie – Thrapston

Some people can cook, others can design websites….  so don’t be put off by the Bengal Brasserie website!!  It’s full of lovely images of their food, a full menu with prices (useful for take-aways) but the buttons don’t work properly and it’s hard to get back to the home page, nevertheless – we’re not here to talk webdesign….

We’ve visited the Bengal Brasserie, located near Chancery Autos in Thrapston three times now and the food is delicious.  I don’t go for spicy food so tend to choose Passandas and Kormas, and sometimes these can be a little bland – overtaken by coconut and sweetness, I can guarantee that BB food is flavoursome!

My favourite Peshwari Naan wasn’t as good as others I have tasted so I’ve taken to choosing a stuffed Paratha instead, but the rest of the food – wow!  Plus they don’t rush you, one sitting per night means you can sit, eat, chat, order more until the night is gone.  This does mean you have to book though!!

The high ceilings were once over the Bullring and there are pieces of history still dotted around the place.  It’s decked in royal purples and very sumptious, large tables, comfy chairs and a well stocked bar.  What’s more, the chef catches your eye every so often as huge flames come from his pan – as you can see right into the kitchens and see them at work.

We took JPG (age10 now) for his first Indian Meal and although a little reluctant he enjoyed it a lot.  Eating Keema Naan was his first choice, then polishing off a Chicken Malaya, as he loves pineapple.   The bill that evening came to £86.15 – this was for five of us, me and OH, plus my sister and her husband and JPG – five healthy appetites, plus drinks.

The Bengal Brasserie opened in Thrapston a couple of months before Christmas 2012, and joins two other Indian Restaurants in the village.


Tel:   01832 735620

10 The Bullring, Church Walk, Thrapston, NN14 4NP

Entrance to carpark from rear of high street.


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