Geocaching – am I just a geek?

Well, we all want to go Geocaching!! I was listening to Radio 2 and heard it mentioned, so as you do, I Googled it to find out what on earth it was!

It’s like a grown up version of a treasure hunt really! Having said ‘grown up’ I think our ten year old will love it. You use a GPS unit, I am currently trying to source one so I can put it on trial, and a sense of adventure!

By visiting  you find out Geocaches to find (basically small, well hidden containers) you use the coordinates to locate them, then go and look for them. Once found, you open the cache, sign the log book, and return it exactly the same.

Sometimes they contain small gifts, which little ones love, but you also need to add your own gift back in for the next person too…

In time, we shall get our supplies together, await a sunny day and head off for adventure – I’ll post about our first geocache adventure on here!

It looks a rather geeky pursuit which suits us right down to the ground!


One thought on “Geocaching – am I just a geek?

  1. I’ve had a bit of a go at geo-caching. It’s such a thrill to find the little container with all the names in and the little tokens! I left an american cent I had in my pocket for the next person to find, lol! I’ve only been once, but would love to go again. Go for it, you’ll love it! I don’t think treasure hunts ever lose their thrill! :O)

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