Take your Turkey on a Trip….

Britmums ( a blogging community for anyone who doesn’t know) is hosting a Lean on Turkey recipe competition, so I thought we’d enter.  So here is my entry for BritMums Lean on Turkey competition, sponsored by www.leanonturkey.co.uk

We are rather partial to Turkey in this family as:

  • It’s often on Special Offer in our local Co-Op
  • Turkey is high in protein and essential for growth and repair, as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Nearly all protein found in turkey meat can therefore be used to maintain the function and health of our body cells.
  • Cooked turkey contains 34g of protein per 100g, which is nearly 3/4 of an adult’s recommended daily allowance.
  • Turkey offers as much protein as roast beef but without as many calories or grams of saturated fat.
  • Compared with other meats, turkey breast has the lowest saturated fat level at less than 1g per 100g (4oz) portion, compared with other mainstream meats.
  • Turkey travels well in packed lunches when out and about in the local area exploring!


So yummy facts over, here’s a yummy recipe too….

The Backyard Tourist’s Sticky Turkey Pieces

The Sticky Turkey Pieces can be eaten at home, hot with a few chips or rice.  Or leave them to cool, add them to a Tupperware box with some salad to take as a sweet and sticky packed lunch (don’t forget some hand wipes though!)

This is no hard and fast recipe, go with dollops and dashes, taste along the way and ensure it’s as sticky or as spicy as you want…

Make the sauce – in a dish combine – a good squirt of tomato ketchup, two tablespoons of golden syrup, two tablespoons of vinegar, two of dark soy sauce, then a big dash of Worcestershire Sauce.

Add a teaspoon (to taste) of chilli powder, half a teaspoon of ground ginger and a teaspoon of mixed herbs.  Give it a good mix!

To a hot pan add some oil and lightly fry off some chopped garlic and a bit of fresh chopped ginger if you have any.  Add the cubed turkey to brown off.  Pour the cooking sauce you’ve just made all over.

It will begin life all a bit runny, don’t panic.  Cover and cook through until Turkey is well cooked, then remove lid – cook for a further ten minutes or so, until the sauce begins to thicken, it should have a sticky, thick consistency – a little like the sauce you get with Chinese Duck and pancakes.

That’s it!  All ready – either eat immediately, well let it cool a little first!! Or pack up when completely cold with salad for your explorers packed lunch!


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