Thrapston – Let’s make our own spa day!

It’s May, it’s raining, it’s miserable….

The economy is gloomy, and we needed cheering up, so what did we do?  We organised a little spa day…on the cheap!!

We’re all members of the Gym at the Nene Centre (one month – trial membership currently £40).  So our first stop on this drizzly Saturday morning was to the centre where we had booked a Badminton Court.  We all got rather competitive, even though we weren’t that sure of the rules!

An hour of mixed doubles later, we were ready for our swim.  So just a hop across the coffee area, we were in the changing rooms and ready for swimming.

An hour of, well not exactly strenuous swimming…. we were all getting ready for some lunch.  Now, this is where you need to use your imagination a little, as if we were in a spa we may have donned our fluffy robes and wandered off to lunch, we did consider all walking through Thrapston in our dressing gowns but thought we may be arrested so…

We all jumped in our car, fully dried and dressed, hair and makeup re-done after swimming and drove to The Bridge Hotel.

Where each week-day and Saturday they run a buffet lunch – 12-2.

After filling up on fine food and drink, our spa day was almost complete.  Except we wished to stretch our legs and take a stroll.

So off we went to the local garden centre for a stroll around.  Our fish tank is also ready for its occupants this week too, and so five Neon Tetras, five XRay Tetras and five Guppys were taken home safely on our laps.

Sitting at home that evening, relaxing and just listening to the lapping water in the aquarium we felt as chilled as any expensive spa day!!


  • Badminton – Free as we are Gym member
  • Swim – Free – as above
  • The Bridge Hotel Buffet – £6 per head plus drinks
  • Fish – around £25

Not bad for cheering us all up on a rainy day!!  And much cheaper than The Santuary!


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