More floods….

What a May!  The rain has not yet stopped….  We all piled in the car last week and videoed some flooded roads…. childish but fun!


We’re off to the gym!

 Eeeks, Hubby is really quite fit…I really am not.  I used to be, I let it slide.  Oh how I regret letting it slide!!  In 2008/9 I would get up at 6am, drive to the gym and work out for an hour before heading off to work, I would cycle in the evening and even took part in a Lands End to John O’Groats bike ride for the Toy Trust Charity.

Alas, I am now two stone overweight, unfit and fed up about it.

In Thrapston, there is the Nene Centre; two weeks ago we had a tour.  They have a lovely swimming pool, which was nearly empty (hurrah!) – a small but really well equipped gym (with Power Plates I cannot wait to try!) plus Badminton courts, various classes and a coffee shop with cakes….which I really need to avoid.

Classes include: Aerobics, Aqua Fit, Aqua Zumba, Cardio Kick, Tai Chi, Boxercise, 20 2020, Super Circuits, Pilates, Yoga, Spin and loads more!!

The Nene Centre is currently running an Olympic Promotion where you can ‘try out’ the centre for £70 for 3 months (working out at £23.33 per month gym membership – now where do you find that!?).  All classes, gym, swim and booking courts is all covered in that one fee.

On Sunday, Hubby and I are booked in at 10am for our induction, ie the team member letting us know how to use all the machines, nervous…am I?  Yes…  I’ve not been in a gym for around two years! 

I shall be buying some nice cover-all tracksuit trousers and a baggy T Shirt to hide any bingo wings…..  but secretly hoping in 3 months to be in a crop top and tight shorts, showing off my toned biceps….  (I can dream!)

So wish us both luck and think of us on Sunday!



The Nene Centre, Cedar Drive, Thrapston, NN14 4JY

Telephone: 01832 734090

Olympic Promotion £70 for 3 months  ~ Taster Promotion £30 for one month

PAYG £5.30 per session

Or to join the gym as a member:

£40 joining fee plus 39.00 per month (no commitment)

Or 12 months commitment is £29.95/month

There are various joint memberships, swim only memberships, family membership packages which are all on display at the centre.

The wettest drought in history?

As you sit huddled on the sofa with the fire on, spare a thought for boaters!

...boaters are a hardy lot!

As you may have seen on the local news, the recent appalling weather is doing nothing to fill the resevoirs.  As the ground is so hard, from a long dry spell, the rain water isn’t soaking down into the underground resevoirs and helping the water table….it’s running off towards the rivers and the sea.

water pouring over the vee doors

The rain is flooding areas, ruining crops by rotting them as they grow, getting rivers to burst their banks, ruining April weekends in the garden and generally being more of a nuisance than anything good.

In Northampton, a number of years ago there was a massive flood, many people lost their homes and lives too.  Now Northamption has flood plains and a huge flood gate on the River Nene.  However, we can’t quite see the point at the moment as the flood gates are open….. so Northampton is quite safe… BUT lower down the river we’re all having a tough time…as the weather just gets worse….and worse…

rain, rain go away...

The houses in Denford are placed worryingly close to the river bank, and it’s edging ever nearer…  our marina is filling up…..and up….and up….the mill pond of Oundle Mill is swirling and deep…

River traffic on the Nene has been stopped completely.  All the locks are reversed  – this means the large metal sluice gate is locked down and the wooden vee doors are locked open, allowing water to flow freely down to the sea.  The knock on effect of this is the river levels are getting higher the further downstream you go, and our marina is filling up….and up….and up….

it's miserable weather

We’re taking a ten minute drive to the marina twice a day to check ropes.  If we’re tied too tightly to the jetty as the water rises, the starboard side of the boat will be lower in the water and eventually it will tip and sink.  If the ropes are too loose, in the strong winds it will bash about into the bank or the boat next door and cause damage.

The water levels continue to rise, our slipway and sale yard is now submerged, as the water levels go up….and up….and up…..

And still it rains.  Had we known how bad the rain would be, we may have taken the decision to cruise to Titchmarsh, where the guest moorings are floating ones, so once you tie up then you’re safe to leave the boat.  With locks reversed there is no travel, plus bridges that once had a good 2.5m clearance height are down to 1.5m – we have an air draught of 2m so we’re going nowhere!

How much more water....

Hubby has checked the boat this morning and loosened the ropes, and we’ll check again tonight before dark.  It’s such a worry! 

The worst case scenario is the water rises higher and boats float above the jetty’s, then once the levels fall, the boat sits on the wooden jetty until it eventually falls of into the deep and sinks!  Oh my….  We ARE worried about our pride and joy!

I’m sitting in the home office, all snug but can hear the rain beating down, more and more and more – when will it end?

Our Easter trip - dryer but very chilly!

….next week we’re going to round up the animals two by two and put them on the boat we think!!

Geocaching – am I just a geek?

Well, we all want to go Geocaching!! I was listening to Radio 2 and heard it mentioned, so as you do, I Googled it to find out what on earth it was!

It’s like a grown up version of a treasure hunt really! Having said ‘grown up’ I think our ten year old will love it. You use a GPS unit, I am currently trying to source one so I can put it on trial, and a sense of adventure!

By visiting  you find out Geocaches to find (basically small, well hidden containers) you use the coordinates to locate them, then go and look for them. Once found, you open the cache, sign the log book, and return it exactly the same.

Sometimes they contain small gifts, which little ones love, but you also need to add your own gift back in for the next person too…

In time, we shall get our supplies together, await a sunny day and head off for adventure – I’ll post about our first geocache adventure on here!

It looks a rather geeky pursuit which suits us right down to the ground!

Hamerton Park – our local zoo

Not everyone can boast a local zoo, but Hamerton Park really is just a hop, skip and a jump away!

Over in Sawtry nr Peterborough, we’ve visited twice now.  I just adore the Pigmy Goats and would smuggle one home in my coat if I could.  JPG loves the tigers and we have spent hours chasing back and forth around their enclosure to get a better look.  Last time we were there the two tigers had a stand up fight – that was amazing!

Getting to Hamerton Park is simples!

The start of spring means there are a lot of new mums at the Park at the moment; some animals are old hands and have seen it all before, but some are having their first babies and the zoo keeps a careful eye kept on them.

All mums are special of course, so Hamerton Park are offering a special deal for your special mum on Mother’s Day.  Take mum to the Park on Sunday 18th March for a discounted entry price of £6.50 for all mums!!

The petting zoo is great even for adults!

Baby wallabies are one of the sure signs that spring is coming.  The small Parma Wallabies can have young at any time of year, but the zoo’s Bennett’s Wallaby babies dont show their noses out of the pouches until around March.  Several can be seen this spring.  The first donkey foal of the year is a lovely American Mammoth jenny foal, the first female to be born here to this endangered breed they imported from Texas.  A Poitou Donkey is due soon too, and very pregnant foxes and lemurs means the early spring really is here.

The zoo does a huge amount of work for endangered species, and all the animals have the very best care and attention,  It’s a great day out for young, old and even very young as the enclosures all have low windows for better viewing.

I adore the Pygmy Goats


Hamerton Zoo Park,Hamerton, Nr Sawtry, Cambs, PE28 5RE
Phone: 01832 293362

Fun for everyone!

The Bengal Brasserie – Thrapston

Some people can cook, others can design websites….  so don’t be put off by the Bengal Brasserie website!!  It’s full of lovely images of their food, a full menu with prices (useful for take-aways) but the buttons don’t work properly and it’s hard to get back to the home page, nevertheless – we’re not here to talk webdesign….

We’ve visited the Bengal Brasserie, located near Chancery Autos in Thrapston three times now and the food is delicious.  I don’t go for spicy food so tend to choose Passandas and Kormas, and sometimes these can be a little bland – overtaken by coconut and sweetness, I can guarantee that BB food is flavoursome!

My favourite Peshwari Naan wasn’t as good as others I have tasted so I’ve taken to choosing a stuffed Paratha instead, but the rest of the food – wow!  Plus they don’t rush you, one sitting per night means you can sit, eat, chat, order more until the night is gone.  This does mean you have to book though!!

The high ceilings were once over the Bullring and there are pieces of history still dotted around the place.  It’s decked in royal purples and very sumptious, large tables, comfy chairs and a well stocked bar.  What’s more, the chef catches your eye every so often as huge flames come from his pan – as you can see right into the kitchens and see them at work.

We took JPG (age10 now) for his first Indian Meal and although a little reluctant he enjoyed it a lot.  Eating Keema Naan was his first choice, then polishing off a Chicken Malaya, as he loves pineapple.   The bill that evening came to £86.15 – this was for five of us, me and OH, plus my sister and her husband and JPG – five healthy appetites, plus drinks.

The Bengal Brasserie opened in Thrapston a couple of months before Christmas 2012, and joins two other Indian Restaurants in the village.


Tel:   01832 735620

10 The Bullring, Church Walk, Thrapston, NN14 4NP

Entrance to carpark from rear of high street.